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Quantity: 67 cards in one deck


Benefits of using our Phonics Flashcards:
  • Easily learn Sounds and read words on the cards.
  • Letter sounds, digraphs and alternative sounds help children get complete knowledge about the English language. 
  • Two information cards for parents who are new to Phonics.
  • Big and colourful cards for easy learning.
  • High Quality glossy cards that last forever.

Jolly Phonics Flashcards

SKU: 5253002
  • Developing phonics skills is fundamental for young children to learn how to read. Phonics is one of the first core literacy skill that children learn on their reading journey. Phonics flashcards can help children learn the letters of the alphabet and the sounds of letters or combinations of letters. We at Saifee Eduland make sure to contribute to a child’s overall development by using our Educational, Fun and Colourful Flashcards.  

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