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Quantity: 24 cards in one deck


Benefits of using our Tricky Words Cards:
  • Easily learn sight words that children usually only pick up through direct instruction and make up a large part of their reading books.
  • Group wise learning helps children learn the most used words first and progress accordingly in reading and writing.
  • Our simple and child-friendly flashcards are of High Quality that last forever.

Jolly Phonics Tricky Words Flashcards

SKU: 5253001
  • Flashcards hold the potential to fasten a child’s ability to recall information from pictures quickly. It is more about an easy training style to help kids absorb & retain information. The intention with which these flashcards are prepared is to help your little one grasp, learn, & excel! We at Saifee Eduland make sure to contribute to a child’s overall development by using our Educational, Fun and Colourful Flashcards.  

    Tricky words are those words which cannot be sounded out easily. Using our Tricky Words Flashcards make it easier for children to learn such words.
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