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ISO 9001:2015 Certified and Internationally Accredited

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Certified Jolly Phonics Training for Adults

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Kids in Library

Certified Jolly Phonics for Children

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Children playing at kindergarden


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Kids in Preschool


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Playful Kids


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Kids Handwriting

Handwriting Improvement Classes

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Communicating in Sign Language

Communication Skills for Adults

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Certified Grammar Training for Adults

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Durriya Nagarwala Saify


Our school is an ISO Certified, Internationally Accredited and Government Registered VIRTUAL institution providing high quality education by meeting the needs of our students, participants and adults all around the world. We strive for all round development of our students by encouraging and motivating them to reach their individual potential. We aim to provide a safe, friendly and well-ordered environment where the students and staff are happy and confident as they aspire to achieve. We create a common environment of education and development for students and adults coming from disadvantaged families and backgrounds. We use music, rhyme, rhythm and movement to make learning easier and interesting for all. We believe in celebrating all festivals, events and occasions with joy, enthusiasm and respect. We support personal development, self-worth and responsibility by promoting a can-do attitude. We work as partners as we follow the teach-learn method where we teach the students and learn from them as well. We help the students to develop sensitivity to their peers and adults. We provide role-play activities to instill respect, etiquettes and manners towards all living things. We help students to identify problems, investigate them and find their solutions. We strive to uplift, inspire, encourage and motivate everyone, by introducing positive behaviour and emotions to help them become confident, self-reliant and independent.


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Merchant Legal entity name: Saifee Eduland
Registered Address: House no. 63, ward no. 5, Durga chowk, Tipatta Bazar Raisen, MADHYA PRADESH 464551
Telephone No: (+91) 8510098968/8983340126
E-Mail ID:

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